About Laurie



As a longtime nutritionist and health coach, Laurie Cossar has worked with thousands of men and women who have struggled to find a way to eat right, lose weight, and keep it off. While Laurie’s approach has always contained a holistic element, and she has long been interested in both spirituality and psychology, over the past decade she has occupied a unique vantage point at the intersection of various worlds.

In particular, she has served as the Nutrition Lead for Tony Robbins Life Mastery, and has seen firsthand how health and wellness challenges are part of the same stew that keep so many of us from finding our happiness.

What has emerged for her is a realization that something vital is missing, not just from the traditional diet & nutrition landscape, but even, to an extent, the more health & wellness-oriented scene. The way we look at these subjects remains very linear and goal-focused. She offers clients not only a new way of thinking but a process – a proven method for ditching the diets and instead learning how to ultimately listen to yourself and your body and create your own health and nutrition solutions.